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Australian Cheese – a lot exported and a lot imported

Australia prides itself on being an export nation for dairy products. One of the major exports is Cheese. Looking at some figures that are available, freely on the Internet from credible sources, that is the USDA. It can be seen that Australia exports something like 45% of the cheese that is made in the country.…

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Projected milk requirement for Western Australia.

Demand for milk in Western Australia is growing by 2 litres per capita every year. This is due to the increases in cheese consumption The population is growing by 1.5%+ every year, this is approximately 39,000 people, each of whom consumes 355 litres of milk every year. This requires a total of 13.85 million litres…

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Market failure in the Western Australian Dairy Industry

MARKET FAILURE IS DEFINED AS “ILLOGICAL ACTIONS TAKING PLACE FOR SEEMINGLY LOGICAL REASONS.” Currently there are farmers going out of business while the state is NOT SELF SUFFICIENT IN DIARY PRODUCTS.  The agricultural resources exist in Western Australia for complete self sufficiency in dairy and possibly a great export industry, however a series of events…

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