Surprised to find USA cream cheese in Woolworths branded pack

It’s been a while since I have bought Cream cheese. Those who know me, know that 20 or more years ago, I built a Cream cheese factory in FNQ for my then employer – Malanda Dairy Foods – now part of the Lion group.

At that time there were serious competitors in the South – Kraft, Bega and Lactos.

These companies were long established and very reputable. Their products are still on the market.

So when I was searching Woolworths Dairy aisle, I was surprised to find imported cream cheese at about a 25% discount on locally (Australian) produced cheese.

Woolworths branded cream cheese. 1/6/19

How can this be the case? We have heard how Woolworths has generously added $ to milk for drought support – but still buys foreign cheese for it’s own brand.

Woolworths are not the only ones – that is true, but I was surprised by this smaller line item.

Importing cheese for non branded products such as Pizza fillings is common too. (Dominos pizza imports about 7,000 tonnes per year – ) at the same time this company has a separate branch dedicated to donating to good causes.

Perhaps I am missing something, but supporting Australian farming businesses and their processors seems like a good way to “give for good” to me.

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