Projected milk requirement for Western Australia.

Demand for milk in Western Australia is growing by 2 litres per capita every year. This is due to the increases in cheese consumption

The population is growing by 1.5%+ every year, this is approximately 39,000 people, each of whom consumes 355 litres of milk every year. This requires a total of 13.85 million litres (including the skimmed milk by-product of butter) (this figure could be argued as there is excess cream available after modified milk is made.

This means an extra 18 million litres of milk is required to cover consumption growth every year.

Projected consumption of fresh drinking milk in Western Australia

Projected consumption of fresh drinking milk in Western Australia, note: currently there is enough production.

projected milk consumption as cheese in WA. As hardly any cheese is produced in WA, all of this milk is being brought into the state.
Convincing out of state providers to build facilities in WA requires a significant business plan.

When combined with other products the annual milk projections look like this.

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