India’s dairy vision for 2022

India sees the dairy industry as a significant part of wealth creation and food self sufficiency for their agricultural population.

They have a plan.

Australia has been a dairy exporting nation for a long time.

Now Australia is OR almost is – a net importer of dairy products. Depending on which figures you look at and how you calculate the milk required to make the products consumed.


The answer is NO. 2022-Dairy Development English_0_0.pdf

India is the world’s largest producer of milk with annual production of about 155.49 million tonnes (2015-16), most of which is consumed domestically by India’s 1.2 billion largely vegetarian population for whom milk and milk products are an important part of food and nutritional security. Share of India’s dairy export is about 1 percent of the global dairy trade.

2. During the last decade (2001 to 2010), the world milk production increased from 589.5 million tonnes to 745.5 million tonnes, an increase of 26.46%, whereas, milk production in India has grown 51.2%, i.e, from 80.6 million tonnes to 121.85 million tonnes.

3. The rise in per capita income, changing lifestyle, food habits, export opportunities have increased the demand for milk & milk products in the country. On the supply side too, owing to various breed development interventions being implemented and focussed approach expected to be adopted by state departments for implementing various strategies of dairy development across country, milk production is expected to increase by 8.56% every year.

4. National Action Plan for Dairy envisages target of 254.5 Million MT by 2022 and 300 Million MT by 2023-24 from existing 155.5 Million MT requiring an annual growth rate of 8.56% which would lead to increase in per capita availability of milk from current level of 337 grams per day to 515 grams per day by 2022 and to 592 grams per day in 2023-24 addressing the substantial nutritional requirement of growing population. To achieve the desired milk production targets, average In-milk animal productivity would be required to grow annually at the rate of 4.7% to 6.14kgPD by 2022 and to 6.7 KgPD by 2023-24 from existing 4.65 KgPD

5. I wish that this Vision Document will be immensely helpful for the dairy sector involving Cooperatives, Private and Producer Companies in preparing their future plans for dairy development

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  1. Avatar for Quinten Hessels Quinten Hessels on January 24, 2019 at 9:05 pm

    Am interested to chat and keep abreast of India market as we have rare Australia friesien sahiwal genetics and are mainly focussed on MENA but India is on our radar

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