Australia stops tomato dumpers.

Australian producers of tomatoes for processing ( canning and concentration) have won a long battle fighting  low priced (dumped) products produced with subsidies from Europe.

The article reporting this was widely reported and can be found here.

The result will mean that local producers will be able to compete on a more level playing field.

According to the FAO statistics, Australia imported a massive 43,801 tonnes of tomato paste and 81,027 tonnes of peeled tomatoes in 2013 (The latest statistics available)   This translates to 1.9 kg of tomato paste and 3.5 kg of tinned peeled tomatoes for every man woman and child in  Australia.

These tomatoes can be grown and processed in Australia, contributing to our economy and keeping Australian dollars in the country.

It is good that our producers can match the productivity of subsidized European producers.   Leveling the playing field is good.

Remember when you are looking for tomato products. Buy Australian made and support our local farmers and our economy.




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