The wheat and chaff of synthetic food, by Professor Keith Woodford

The wheat and chaff of synthetic food is an interesting article by Professor Keith Woodford from Lincoln University in NZ. Work is being carried out by a number of research organisations looking at ways to mimic animal products using cheaper vegetable bases. However Professor Woodford believes that high quality animal products will be desired by…

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Australia stops tomato dumpers.

Australian producers of tomatoes for processing ( canning and concentration) have won a long battle fighting  low priced (dumped) products produced with subsidies from Europe. The article reporting this was widely reported and can be found here. The result will mean that local producers will be able to compete on a more level playing field.…

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Food Safety, the risks and rewards

Cost of quality

There is  a  temptation for company owners and managers to cut corners, not react to quality risks and in some cases actually send out product that is known to be contaminated. It appears that this temptation was too great for the Parnell Brothers in Georgia, USA. They owned and ran the Peanut Corporation of America.  Some of…

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