Yili, buys Westland Milk in the South Island Of NZ

By Andrew Weinert | March 19, 2019

This report is translated from the Chinese report From Chinese report. There are big moves! Just now, Ilifa announced the formal acquisition of 100% equity of New Zealand Dairy Cooperative Southern + reporter Zhao Binghui 03-18 20:01 On March 18th, Yili Group announced that it has formally acquired 100% of the shares of New Zealand…

A letter from New Zealand by Keith Woodford. Wealth creation and dairy

By Andrew Weinert | March 18, 2019

There are some more wise words from Keith as he reflects on some of the reasons that dairy in NZ has continued to grow. Things may change. Policy matters. https://keithwoodford.wordpress.com/2019/03/18/farming-for-cash-and-capital-gain-the-rules-have-changed/#more-1998

Coca Cola drops out of the Bidding for Lion Dairy and Drinks

By Andrew Weinert | March 18, 2019

This process is taking much longer than Kirin, the owner of Lion has expected. One of the contributing factors may be the low profitability of the white milk sector. https://www.afr.com/street-talk/freedom-foods-seeks-white-knight-for-lion-dairy-20190315-h1cf4f It will be interesting to see if Mengniu, Freedom Foods or another ends up with the company. I don’t believe a local farmer group is…

Dairy industry conference in Jakarta

By Andrew Weinert | March 17, 2019

This could be interesting in the light of the new Free Trade Agreement with Indonesia. If Australia has gained more access it Indonesia – there will be significant opportunities. http://www.szwgroup.com/global-dairy-congress-asia-2019/news_detail.aspx?id=231761

A great newsletter from Cheese Market News in the USA

By Andrew Weinert | March 7, 2019

https://www.cheesemarketnews.com/articlearch/2019/02_01_19.pdf Thank you to “Cheese Market News” for a great newsletter. It has great insights into the US dairy and world dairy events. Highlights for me include:- Updates on government support purchases. $10 million support for a new cheese factory. A joint venture developing between Global Dairy Trade (GDT) NZ and an European Exchange. Concerns…

Abares latest dairy statistics.

By Andrew Weinert | March 6, 2019

Some interesting developments and predictions. It will be interesting to see which come true. It will be interesting to see how the lack of stocks of Skim Milk Powder in the EU and the USA’s cheese mountain and the increase in consumption of milk fat effect prices. http://www.agriculture.gov.au/abares/research-topics/agricultural-commodities/mar-2019/dairy http://www.agriculture.gov.au/abares/research-topics/agricultural-commodities/mar-2019/dairy

Lots of reporting of exports but not much reported on imports

By Andrew Weinert | March 6, 2019

Australia regularly promotes its dairy industry as a major exporter – with old figures displayed with fervour. But who really wants to know how much is Imported? Here are some import figures for the 2018 year courtesy of the ABS and Dairy Australia. Imports. Cheese – 111,000 tonnes Infant food. – 42,774 tonnes Butter. –…

An interesting way to look at Australia’s cheese industry

By Andrew Weinert | March 1, 2019

There has been discussion about Australia’s dairy exports. The industry is made up of 4 distinct sections. Manufacture and import & Consumption and export. While there are quite a few variations and combinations in cheesemaking, these figures assume cheddar cheese for simplicity. The figures show that Australia manufactures a bit more than it consumes, but…

Saputo buying Dairy Crest – a significant cheese maker in the UK

By Andrew Weinert | February 23, 2019

twitter.com/lorcanallen/status/1098855871004753920 This is an interesting move from Saputo. This will give them bases on 3 continents. Even if Brexit is a foulup, the UK market is close to 70 million people.

USA imports 88,000 tonnes of cheese in 2018. Australia imports 115,000 tonnes of cheese

By Andrew Weinert | February 16, 2019

It is interesting to note that a country with 328 million people imported less cheese than a supposed major dairy exporting country with a population of 25 million people !!! Perhaps a DAIRY and food review is needed.