India’s dairy vision for 2022

By Andrew Weinert | January 16, 2019

India sees the dairy industry as a significant part of wealth creation and food self sufficiency for their agricultural population. They have a plan. Australia has been a dairy exporting nation for a long time. Now Australia is OR almost is – a net importer of dairy products. Depending on which figures you look at…

Nobody Is Moving Our Cheese: American Surplus Reaches Record High : NPR

By Andrew Weinert | January 16, 2019

In Wisconsin alone, hundreds of farms closed in 2018, The Wall Street Journal reported. “A lot of farmers would say, ‘Well, make it stop.’ But the fact of the matter is we’re still pushing out a little bit more milk than we know what to do with,” Novakovic says. “And really, it’s not a big…

The big cheese mountain: America’s stockpile nears record high | Food | The Guardian

By Andrew Weinert | January 16, 2019

Trump’s trade policy has also played a role in the cheesepocalypse. In response to his tariffs, three top importers of US milk and cheese products – Mexico, Canada and China – have instituted retaliatory tariffs that will have a significant impact on American dairy farmers’ bottom line, according to a study from Texas A&M University.…

The cost of a flat milk production curve.

By Andrew Weinert | January 11, 2019

Over the time I have worked in the Australian dairy industry, there have been a range of claims about who produces the cheapest milk. The reality is that when you produce milk to a specific supply requirement, there are different costs. Seasonal supply means that when the least amount of feed or worst seasonal conditions…

The Western Australian Grain crop is looking good this year

By Andrew Weinert | December 20, 2018

The WA grain Crop report is looking good. Late rain and cool conditions at the end of the season has helped yields. The estimated production this year is 16.8 million tonnes of grain – including 9.7 million tonnes of wheat. This is a lot. It will be interesting to see how the prices develop.

China dairy update from Dairy Australia.

By Andrew Weinert | December 20, 2018

It is humbling to see the size and dynamics of the Chinese Dairy market. This report has been commissioned and distributed by Dairy Australia.

Australia’s Balance of Trade for Dairy

By Andrew Weinert | December 18, 2018

  Since deregulation in 2000, there have been several things happening in parallel.  There has been a constant population growth and  There has been a slight increase in per capita consumption of milk over all the dairy products. Other nations have put stimulatory policies in place.  for example, the EU has removed production quotas, The…

Is the Australian dairy industry really DEREGULATED? Why is it losing world competitiveness?

By Andrew Weinert | December 12, 2018

Background COMPETITION REGULATIONS STILL EXIST WITHIN STATES. Deregulation of the Australian Dairy Industry was NOT complete. THIS HAS NOT ALLOWED WORLD SCALE INDUSTRIES TO FORM. Deregulation focused on lowest prices to the domestic consumer and not on global competitiveness. In 2002, Australia produced 27 Billion litres (Bl.) of milk, dropping to 9.32 Bl. litres by…

A description of dairy deregulation in Australia

By Andrew Weinert | December 12, 2018

The Australian dairy industry deregulated on the 1st Of July 2000. One of the arguments was that it was a highly supported industry. The ramifications of this change are still being felt. Was the bandaid ripped off too quickly? Did it open a wound that has since gotten infected? The result is a vibrant, but…

December update by Keith Woodford in NZ

By Andrew Weinert | December 10, 2018

Keith Woodford is an experienced observer of the dairy industry in NZ. He has some great insights into the workings of Fonterra and some of these are expressed in this note. There are lessons to be learned. Fonterras Strategic Reset Interacts With New Board Dynamics