Great insights from Prof Hughes – Supermarkets in your Pocket

By Andrew Weinert | June 26, 2019

Purchasing methods are changing. Ordering systems are changing Similar to this post – Last year in Australia – according to their annual report, Domino’s received something like almost 2 million digital orders in one week in Australia. Supermarket distribution is about to get more complex.

Highly Skilled farmers leaving due to drought and no support. Can they & we, eat coal?

By Andrew Weinert | June 13, 2019 The Story of this Facebook post is heart wrenching. It is being repeated many times in the irrigation areas. I am to remote to understand completely – but the rules of engagement and separation of water from land seems to be a SERIOUS ISSUE. This year, Australia becomes a net importer of dairy. By…

No Revolution by Minister McKenzie

By Andrew Weinert | June 12, 2019

I hope this means that the Minister will stop the wheels spinning in industries that are sliding down the slippery slopes of deregulation and rationalisation. The Ministers links to NZ dairy and the fact (as reported) that the Ministers Father owned a milk supply business – which probably was made redundant by deregulation in 2000…

NZ reviews the Dairy Industry Review Act (DIRA)

By Andrew Weinert | June 10, 2019

In my opinion, this is the policy difference between Australia / whose industry has contracted and NZ where the industry has grown. All Australians interested in the industry and its structure and future should read this.

Keith Woodford’s update on dairy Industry structure in NZ

By Andrew Weinert | June 8, 2019 In this article Keith describes what was hoped for with the formation of Fonterra, how it has affected growth in NZ and how competitors have been allowed to develop. There are some issues and complaints – things are never perfect. But from My Australian viewpoint – the formation of the 2nd largest co-op (by…

Surprised to find USA cream cheese in Woolworths branded pack

By Andrew Weinert | June 3, 2019

It’s been a while since I have bought Cream cheese. Those who know me, know that 20 or more years ago, I built a Cream cheese factory in FNQ for my then employer – Malanda Dairy Foods – now part of the Lion group. At that time there were serious competitors in the South –…

Some graphs that show the State of the Australian Dairy Industry.

By Andrew Weinert | May 29, 2019 Demand ^^^. Supply dropping Consumption exceeds milk requirements. If all dairy products consumed in Australia were MADE IN AUSTRALIA – There is NOT ENOUGH MILK 😳😃😱😱😳😳🐂    

Australia not self-sufficient in milk, but let’s farmers go broke in drought!

By Andrew Weinert | May 29, 2019

Australia needs more milk – it is no longer self sufficient!! Milk volume needed to produce all dairy products consumed in Australia = 9.125 Billion litres 2019 milk production ~ 8.6 Billion As Australia’s population grows, the volume of food needed increases. A 1.5% population increase this year will add 365,000 people to the…

Food security PHD opportunities in Western Australia.

By Andrew Weinert | May 29, 2019 This may be a chance to make a difference in how our food security and food systems work.

Why has NZ Dairy grown and Australian Dairy shrunk – could it be policy?

By Andrew Weinert | May 28, 2019

As I have investigated dairy in Australia, there is one graph that I did to visualise the system that has intrigued me. It is this one. The one that compares the volume of milk produced in Australia and New Zealand (NZ) This graph starts in 1962 which is a long time ago. I include it…