Is a World Scale Dairy Industry possible in Western Australia?

By Andrew Weinert | August 2, 2021

Western Dairy 2021 Investment Breakfast   Recently I presented to the Western Dairy business breakfast in Busselton. This is an annual event, and I was asked to present on behalf of the Western Australian section of the Dairy Industry Association of Australia.  (DIAA) I have been a member of this association and starting in…

Inflation analysis from NZ

By Andrew Weinert | February 9, 2021

Another great story from Keith Woodford. New Zealand’s internal inflation from non-tradables is well alight at 2.8 percent for the last year. In contrast, prices for items traded internationally declined by 0.3%.  Understanding these differences and the reasons for these differences lies at the heart of the inflation issue. Non-tradables comprise 60 percent of the…

How much cash goes off shore when you buy imported CHEESE?

By Andrew Weinert | August 28, 2020

By Andrew Weinert | We recently bought cheddar WITHOUT CHECKING THE COUNTRY OF ORIGIN -Oops It’s just 1kg of cheese – it cost $8.00 – not much eh? Let’s do the calculations. Dairy Australia says the average milk price in Victoria – where most of Australia’s cheese is made was 48.2 cents per litre last…

Did you know that Australia imported dairy products, equivalent to 23% of all milk produced last year?

By Andrew Weinert | July 14, 2020

Australia is promoted as an export nation when dairy is discussed, and its true, about 30% of the milk produced is exported as cheese, butter, skim milk powder and whole milk powder. I have been watching / monitoring the Australian dairy industry for more than 20 years, and that is after working in the industry…

Australian Cheese – a lot exported and a lot imported

By Andrew Weinert | May 23, 2020

Australia prides itself on being an export nation for dairy products. One of the major exports is Cheese. Looking at some figures that are available, freely on the Internet from credible sources, that is the USDA. It can be seen that Australia exports something like 45% of the cheese that is made in the country.…

A levy is not a subsidy.

By Andrew Weinert | May 18, 2020

A Levy, according to Professor Sampson, is not a Subsidy. This means that according to the WTO, the (World Trade Organisation), it will not affect the international standing of Australia’s dairy industry. According to Professor Sampson, a subsidy must be provided by government. There is a precedent for a Dairy LEVY. From the year 2000,…

How Milk is used in Australia plus fat and protein balances

By Andrew Weinert | March 14, 2020

As we enter uncharted waters of economic disruption, which will change trade flows and what was considered normal, I look at the area I know best, the National dairy industry. In Australia, we have run the last 20 years under a free trade policy, with no tariff barriers, reduced national supports for training, reduced international…

Oil verses milk

By Andrew Weinert | February 11, 2020

Oil and milk are daily use products. Oil / Fuel is used to drive your car to heat your house to power electrical generators. Milk is an every day product for western society. Of the total consumed, about 1/3 is drunk and 2/3 is consumed as cheese, butter, yoghurt, ice-cream and powders. The price of…

Geographe Community Landcare Nursery interview.

By Andrew Weinert | December 13, 2019

The nursery is located in Busselton and provides local native plants to the Community for gardens and revegetation. Listen to Rod, the Coordinator talk about the great community that provides this service as well as an amazing number of community bonds.

Some graphs that show the State of the Australian Dairy Industry.

By Andrew Weinert | October 16, 2019

    Demand in Australia is INCREASING – mainly due to population growth.  Australia’s population will grow by between 350,000 and 400,000 people this year.   Milk Supply dropping – It is estimated that Australia’s production will drop another 5% this year – that is a drop of 450 MILLION litres – which is a…