Australia ranked 194th in change of milk production since 2002 – is this a policy issue?

7 January 2018 Issue Milk production 2017 summary of FAO statistics Australian Dairy Industry is losing world competitiveness Background  The Australian dairy industry is often quoted as a major export earner for the agriculture sector – this now is incorrect.  In 2002 Australia produced 11.27 Billion litres of milk – this was its […]

The wheat and chaff of synthetic food, by Professor Keith Woodford

The wheat and chaff of synthetic food is an interesting article by Professor Keith Woodford from Lincoln University in NZ. Work is being carried out by a number of research organisations looking at ways to mimic animal products using cheaper vegetable bases. However Professor Woodford believes that high quality animal products will be desired by […]

The senate inquiry into the dairy industry is finally out

The senate inquiry report into the dairy industry has been released. The recommendations seem to focus on the farming and processing levels and little mention is given to the distribution sector. New Zealand has managed to double the volume produced its industry since 2002 and Australia has shrunk its industry by approximately 25% Policy issues […]

Consumption of butter has declined significantly since the 1930's   It used to be a major component of the diet of Australians.

Butter shortages noticed world wide 

The world price of butter has increased significantly. The shortages and increased prices have been noticed internationally. Is there an international trend against hydrogenated fats that normally are substituted when prices go up? This could change price setting protocols that have been in place for a long time. Per Capita consumption was about 3.5 times […]


Adjectives Add Value by Prof David Hughes 

Another great insight by Professor David Hughes. His message is “Adjectives Add Value!” The story includes great lines like: “This is an exquisite use of adjectival marketing: bacon is the noun and nouns are essential but not carriers of great profit; free range/beech smoked/ air dried/hand cured are adjectives impregnated with margin that smell as […]

AgDept Climate Report

Climate change in Western Australia – what do research and current records show?

Western Australia is one of the worlds fastest changing climates. It’s isolation also makes it a good case study. This report, Climate change: impacts and adaptation for agriculture in Western Australia, was published in April 2016, and completed by the Department of Agriculture in WA prior to massive staff cuts. With luck, the new government […]