Australia is not self sufficient in dairy! An extra 30 cows per day are needed !!

Each australian consumes 1 litre of milk in some form EVERY DAY.

Every year we add 365,000 or so people to our population.

That is 1,000 people per day !!

So every day we need 1,000 litres of milk more than the day before !!

Aust, milk DEMAND rising – PRODUCTION drops.

That equates between 30 and 50 cows PER DAY EXTRA needed to produce that milk (calculated on 20 to 30 litres per cow per day for a full 365 days (when most cows have a 300 day production – but getting bogged down in this will detract from the discussion.)


Is Australia planning for this?

NO –

we are hoping that the silent hand of the market understands our development.

In the meantime, the Northern Victorian dairy industry is evaporating.

Aust. Is no longer self sufficient in dairy !! 😳😳😳

There are emotive posts on Facebook as many exit the industry. While some businesses may adsorb extra cows, many will go to the meat works.

It’s easy to kill a cow, but replacing that cow is a long, long process – 3 years from conception to first cash flow and depending on the margin – more than a year (probably several) to be generating real profit

There are reports of 15,000 cows leaving the Northern Victoria. Probably more.

There are serious change taking place & VERY LITTLE NATIONAL PLANNING ABOUT OUR FOOD SUPPLY.


Based on the following assumptions from WA economist Nazrul Islam, who did great work on economic multipliers

The north of Victoria Iosing 15,000 cows has lost a minimum of 150 jobs on farm, and 150 supporting community jobs.

Losing 15 million litres of milk is another 150 jobs in the factories AND 750 !!! Supporting jobs 😱😱😱

This is a massive loss to the area.

MORE THAN 1050 full time JOBS GONE


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