A levy is not a subsidy.

A Levy, according to Professor Sampson, is not a Subsidy.

This means that according to the WTO, the (World Trade Organisation), it will not affect the international standing of Australia’s dairy industry. According to Professor Sampson, a subsidy must be provided by government. There is a precedent for a Dairy LEVY. From the year 2000, for eight years, an 11 cent per litre levy was put on drinking Milk to pay for compensation for the loss of income to dairy farmers after deregulation (reduced regulation)

Introducing this levy and distributing the funds directly to farmers, possibly through a reverse payment of the Levy they already pay to Dairy Australia , could be a simple and fair system that DOES NOT AFFECT SUPERMARKET competitiveness, will not affect processor costs, and will hopefully stop our dairy farmers going Broke and leaving the industry.

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