A great newsletter from Cheese Market News in the USA


Thank you to “Cheese Market News” for a great newsletter. It has great insights into the US dairy and world dairy events.

Highlights for me include:-

Updates on government support purchases.

$10 million support for a new cheese factory.

A joint venture developing between Global Dairy Trade (GDT) NZ and an European Exchange.

Concerns about Free trade agreements in Japan.

Milk price mechanisms and component pricing is also interesting.

A great newsletter.


For those that get confused by conversion factors. This list may help.

1 CWT milk = 100 lb (pounds) = 45.359 kg = about 44 litres of milk (sg 1.032)


1 cwt = 44 litres

1 pound (lb) = 454 grams.

1 tonne (1000 kg)= 2,204 lb

$1 Australian (AUD) = $0.70 US (USD)

So cheese @ usd $1.40 / lb = Aud $2 per pound (very convenient at today’s exchange rate)

2 x 2,204 = AUD $ 4,408 per tonne ( which is a very low price)

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